Saturday, October 23, 2010

How a Video Goes Viral...

On October 3, I posted a column called "This Used to Be My Rock-and-Roll Fantasy", a column about fantasy sports. It generated about 175 hits, a fairly low hit count for a blog that was already struggling to draw new readership and was starting to lose its regular readership. I was sort of at a loss about the direction of the blog and even considered dialing things back a bit, if not shutting the blog down entirely, to focus again on fiction.

On October 10, I tried something somewhat different, wrote the 5-minute script for So You Want to Go to Law School, and posted it to the Xtranormal website, where it drew a few hundred hits over the next few days. All in all, it was shaping up to be a normal week. Then on October 14, the traffic started climbing rapidly on the xtranormal website, hitting about 1100 by Thursday night. Honestly, at first, I thought it was because I kept clicking on the video myself.

By Friday morning, October 15, the hits had climbed to about 3,000 (and I knew it wasn't me, because I was asleep for most of that time). Whatever the reason, I was happy to see something I had created was finally making some waves. I then posted the video on YouTube, and again, the hit count started to grow.

Over the weekend, the video picked up some speed. By Monday, it had gotten picked up by the Above The Law legal blog (which I only learned about from a friend). Over the next couple of days, the hit count went from 17,000 to 100,000, and then things got weird.

Friends of mine were finding out about it without realizing I had written it. I've had some interesting discussions to try some new things (but none are set in stone yet, and none are of the "quit my day job" variety - maybe someday).

On Friday night, the video broke 500,000 hits, and I even had garnered some official YouTube rankings. Things have started to slow down a little, as to be expected, but I can always hope that it will continue to make its way through the law profession until the Internet is no more.

Biggest lesson learned -- when it comes to the Internet, people like funny videos.

So, for the time being, I am going to work on these animated films -- with the same goal I had when I started this blog -- to try and make people laugh.

So look for a new video later tonight or tomorrow morning starring Oscar Truman and Carrie-Ann Fox, The Corner's two little knights in shining armor.

Thanks for all the support and especially for turning this video into the Sarcastic Little Video that Could.



  1. I LOVED that video - and I was so sad to see it wasn't a "web series" or webisode of an ongoing series. The male character is a RIOT. I would love to see you create some more episodes with him...that humor is fabulous! Please please focus some more writing to develop his character!

  2. anon @9:22 thanks -- so glad you liked it. I do plan to make a series involving these characters.

  3. I must tell you, as an attorney for over 14 years I have been saying (not as cleverly) and thinking all if the hilarious things that the "experienced" attorney says. I really loved it and so did all my collegues, even the ones who recently got out of law school. Thank you so much for this!!

  4. Thanks Christian. I cant believe the response to the law school video... I hope you like the new video as well - if you do, please forward it on.

  5. Loved your video. Someone commented that your video was on CNN but I haven't found the clip yet.

    My own YouTube video is listed near your video and suddenly jumped up to over 12,000 hits, which made me curious about the reason why, which is what led me to this blog post. You can find my video here; I hope it gets picked up by CNN too.

    For those of you who'd like to learn more about the law school scambusting community, here is a link to my blog and other sites:

    I'm definitely going to keep an eye on "The Corner". Perhaps David will become a law school scambuster blogger, too. Thank you very much for your Xtra Normal video contribution to our cause!

  6. One more thing, for those of you who enjoy these law school and legal profession parody videos, I have an entire list of videos at my blog. "Cartoons Satirizing the Value of a Law Degree":

  7. This is hilarious. Could you paste the transcript of the video on the blog? I'd love it.