Saturday, October 30, 2010

So You Want to Go to Law School -- The Series!

Short Version of This Blog Post

Thanks to everyone for making Law School such a huge hit. Here's a link to the first "episode" in a new series starring Carrie-Ann as she heads off to law school. Enjoy.

Long Version of This Blog Post

Every unpublished writer dreams of getting a response like the one I got to the video. It's been the most exciting moment of my writing career, and I have all of you to thank for it. Every person that forwarded it on Facebook (almost 80,000), every person that watched it, every person that commented on it, and every person that visited The Corner since seeing the video -- I cannot thank you enough.

That said, I think my job as a writer is to keep improving and to keep entertaining readers (or 5-minute video watchers), and so I think the time has come to move forward and hopefully build on "So You Want to Go to Law School."

To that end, I present you with the first episode of a weekly series following our law student that could, Carrie-Ann Fox, as she enrolls in Hunter University Law School. Click here for the link to the new video.

Today we catch up with Carrie-Ann as she meets with Will Graham, her law student advisor and a battle-hardened but friendly 2L (hey, they can't all be jackasses like Oscar, right?).

I hope you like it. All I ask is that if you do like it, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, by e-mail, Digg, Reddit, and any other format you can think of. This video was created using's brilliant animation website and is presented on YouTube.



  1. I caught the "pilot" at Volokh Conspiracy and followed your link to the first real episode. Great stuff! I hope you can keep it up. The poor kids need to know what they're getting into.

  2. Anon @5:28 -- thanks, glad you liked it -- please share the video, help it go viral like the original.

  3. The line about Glannon was genius. Seriously.

    The ebola thing? Trying too hard.

  4. Hey David,

    Thanks for this. I linked to your site and wrote a post about it on my blog

    Congrats on the ATL shout out

  5. Creativity can never be boxed in. this is so humorous. Keep up the good work. See people are still blogging about this. I just read about it on vivia chen blog, thelawcareerist. Thanks for sharing.