Sunday, November 7, 2010

Battle Stations

Hi everyone,

A new episode of "So You Want to Go to Law School" is now available. This week, Carrie-Ann comes face-to-face with her new nemesis, the diabolical Professor Walker, and battle lines are drawn.

Please continue to share any (or all) of the videos. The original Law School video broke 800,000 page views on YouTube during the week (and is closing in on 90,000 hits on Xtranormal). Thanks for all your support.



  1. The new video is genius. Keep up the great work

  2. Love the videos, but can you change her voice back to what it was in the first 2?

  3. Thanks for the laughs! The accuracy of these videos is great, and what really makes them hilarious.

  4. Where's episode 3? I need my fix.

  5. Namby pamby and Carib law - thanks!
    Anon@3:31 I will try to change her voice back to the original
    Anon @5:14 new episode coming this weekend - sorry for missing a week...