Monday, May 2, 2011

Dogs and Cats. Living Together. MASS HYSTERIA.

Today's blog title, borrowed from the movie Ghostbusters, related to the first post I wrote for today, which I have now erased. I like the title, so I'm keeping it, even though it no longer has anything to do with today's post.

I saw something today out in the cold coldness of the Internets that, for a few brief minutes, made me think that maybe we had progressed as a nation, and that maybe, just maybe....


To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, "I was wrong." 

I immediately called in a SEAL Team of Revised Blog Post Words, which surrounded the rogue words comprising my original blog post and then terminated them when the words refused to surrender. Some of the words were using other words as word shields. Gruesome stuff. 

I actually felt a little dumb for having been hoodwinked. 

Not sure what that says about America today. 

In other news, The Corner has won its VERY FIRST award. Over on the right side of the blog there, you'll see a new banner, identifying The Corner as the recipient of the Mad as a Hatter blog award. My thanks to Anita Howard and her Wonderland Bloggy Awards. Go check out her blog for today and see the other award winners, and I'm sure  you'll find something new and tasty to read. 

And lastly, here's a link to a new piece about me and my journey to literary representation from Poets & Writers' Magazine, one of the premier publications in publishing. (These alliterated words played a huge role in today's successful offensive. I've made all of them lieutenant commanders in my Word Army).

Here's a verbatim transcript of my conversation with my wife about this new article.

ME: Sweetie, check out this new article about me and Ann and the video! In Poets & Writers!
HER: Look. I get it. We all get it. The videos about the books and the lawyers. I can't tell you how proud I am of you. Now, for the love of all that is holy, please help me get dinner ready. The kids are hungry and, I hate to break it to you, do not care how many page views your videos get.
ME: But it's Poets AND Writers! BOTH!
HER: Unless they can eat the magazine, it's going to have to wait.

You guys are on my side, right? RIGHT? 


  1. I totally get you, David! I do! For the love of all that is holy ... hmmm... sounds vaguely familiar. Like something I heard in this hilarious viral video one time. HA. Now I know who you fashioned the smart writer off of! Heehee.

    BTW, YAY on getting that interview! (Although I was smart enough to see your fame potential LONG before them ... harumph). You are such a SUPERSTAR now! Please don't forget the little peeps. Especially those who give you cheesy awards to post on your blog in a lame attempt to ride your coattails. LOL

    Oh, and you did tie the title into this post: "Some of the words were using other words as word shields." If that's not Mass Hysteria, I don't know what is! Writer's. Worst. Nightmare. ;)

    Congrats my well-deserving friend. This is totally tweet worthy.

  2. Hi David! I just wandered over here from the award page belonging to the lovely lady directly above me, and I'm definitely stoked to be your newest follower... :)

  3. @Anita -- I'm totally digging my award. Indeed, words using other words as shields is a problem that's been ignored for far too long. I'm just glad I could shed some light on it...

    @LisaAnn -- welcome -- so very glad to have you along for the ride!