Friday, June 17, 2011

The Jackpot: Now 99 Cents. (And Help Me Beat Tony)

It's that time of year when folks blow out of town like there's a warrant out for their arrest.

That means many of these summer fugitives are going to (hopefully) be loading up their e-readers with books to read in cars, in jail cells, by the ocean, and on the backs of unicorns.

And I want The Jackpot to be one of those books. 

So, effective immediately, I've cut the book's price to 99 cents for all eBook platforms.

Here are your buy links.


Barnes & Noble


My reason for doing this? I want to get this book out to as many people as possible.

And there are a lot of good books out there priced at 99 cents. So if you're looking at my book at $2.99, and some other awesome-sounding book at 99 cents, which one ya gonna buy? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Remember: You can still read my book on your iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android phone, Mac, PC -- no dedicated e-reader required. You just need the Kindle app, Nook app, or Stanza app (which works with Smashwords).

And not only can you get a tasty summer read about a stolen lottery ticket for less than the cost of a non-purloined lottery ticket, you can help me spread the word about this thing.

See, there's this friend of mine -- let's call him "Tony" -- who is decidedly unimpressed with my efforts to date. He said for me to call him "when [my] scout cookie sales go global - or even national!"

So help me do just that. Here are some ideas for Operation: Beat Tony

1. Please click on that Share link at the bottom of the FB post on The Corner's Facebook page or on my regular Facebook page.

2. Please consider leaving a review on or It will only take a few minutes, but it is a sacrifice demanded by the almighty search algorithms of the online retailers.

3. Tweet the link to this page. If you're especially daring, toss in the following tag (also called a hashtag in Twitter parlance) at the end of your Tweet: #TheJackpot

Thanks for all your support. None of this would be possible without you. 

Hope everyone has a great start to summer.


  1. Great idea, David! I will totally tweetify this puppy tomorrow morning when I'm on twitter. Oh, and I just face booked it. Uh, and hey ... where do we go to ride the unicorns?? Yeah, that's like my dream vacation, dude!

  2. thanks Anita!

    The unicorns? they're right over there. Nope. a little farther. Just over that ridge.. a little farther...