Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome Your New iPhone Overlords.

I got my new iPhone 4s today, which I am inappropriately excited about. In honor of Siri, Apple's allegedly revolutionary digital personal assistant, I amused myself by making a new Xtranormal video, which I titled Siri for President 2012.

Have a good weekend!


  1. I'm sticking with my old 4 until the 5 comes out. So I wandered over here from the bloghop and see you didn't post about it today. But your 2 YouTube videos interest me since, A)I've written a novel and starting my second, and, B)I'm helping my kid with his college apps. His goal is law school. So you intrigue me. And now I'm a new follower. You should check out the blogfest if you haven't already.

    Oh and, boy, would you look at that. We have the same template! Great minds and all that.

  2. Welcome Nancy,

    I did finally write a post about the blogfest. It was one day late. Thanks for coming by!