Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes, There Is Such Thing As Monsters.

Note: I'm pretty angry about this post, so there is some profanity ahead.

There's a scene in the movie Aliens in which the little girl, Newt, asks Ripley why grown-ups tell kids that there's no such thing as monsters, the evidence on Planet LV-426 being to the contrary.

I found myself thinking about that scene this week because I've told my kids that there is no such thing as monsters.

Like you, I'm beyond horrified by the allegations of child sex abuse coming out of Penn State University this week. My feelings on this issue have crossed the borderlands into Repulsed to My Very Core with brief sorties into Our Species is Pure and Utter Horseshit.

My heart breaks for the victims, knowing that their lives are forever scarred, their souls poisoned by the horrific acts perpetrated upon them by this total excuse of a human being deviant fuckwad.

And it's yet another reminder that when we tell our children that there's no such thing as monsters, we are lying to them.

There are monsters out there.

These monsters don't have big fangs or giant, razor-like claws, or cloven hooves. They don't flap big black wings or live underground or have acid for blood.

They look like you and me.

They are smart and friendly and successful and they come cloaked in the false threads of good cheer and altruism.

They embed themselves into the lives of disadvantaged youth and get appointed to boards and commissions and they buy them football tickets and cotton candy and take them on camping trips.

They twist and manipulate the trust placed in them to their own horrific ends.

They keep doing it until they are caught. Because child predators never stop on their own.

I don't care what went wrong inside their brains, what made them snap.

Make no mistake. They are monsters.

Now, if you're a regular reader of the blog, you've probably gathered that I'm a worrier by nature.

A writer more eloquent than me once wrote that if you're a worrier, it's because you're genetically programmed to be a worrier. So you might as well not worry about it because there's nothing you can do about it. But because you're predisposed to worry, you will worry about it anyway. (I think it was Bill Bryson, but I'm not 100 percent sure about that).

And it's stuff like this that makes me worry. It's the price of admission to parenthood.

Actually, it's the price of admission to adulthood, because even if you don't have kids, we all bear the responsibility.

We must remain vigilant, almost suspicious, of any adult that enters a child's life. Because how many times have we heard this refrain? I never thought he was capable of something like this. We must have the "Bad Touch/Good Touch" discussion. We must remind children that this is never, ever their fault.

We must give a shit about what we see going on around us because to not means more victims, more suffering, more ruined lives. Because, as if the abuse wasn't bad enough, it appears a culture of human fuckery pervaded Penn State, a culture that allowed the abuse to continue for years.

So I apologize to my kids, your kids, all kids.

There are monsters out there.

I hate it.


  1. Well said, David. And as a parent, you must, must, must worry about this. The challenge is knowing how to give your kids just enough knowledge to protect themselves but to still let them be innocent. Awareness is everything.

  2. Speaking of worrying, I also worry about the jackass kids who rioted over Paterno's firing. Because it's okay to turn a blind eye to the horrors; he did tell his superiors after all. Never mind failing on a purely human level.

  3. Here's the thing about predators (not just the pedophiles but users, people who take advantage, etc.) They know who they can do it other words they were profiled. So while you can teach your children the good touch/bad touch, it is equally important to have the conversation that they can come to you and talk about whatever without fear/judgement. It's rarely the loud mouth kids that you see on tv....just sayin'. We need to teach children how to have the confidence not to be a victim.

  4. We'll said! I agree on what was said. But can you understand this, " Sometimes,, The Apple doesn't always fall from the same Tree. Now if you don't understand my quote, then let me explain briefly. "A man was charged with raping a child. And some people are saying that cause the father raped someone's child, that it might run in the families bloodline. We'll that just not true. So when someone rapes a child, please, please don't look at that mans bloodline and think that there all child molesters too. Cause that is just predjiduce. I don't know, maybe I could of said this different, but I think You's get the drief. Thanks f