Friday, November 28, 2014

30-Day Running Challenge - Update #3

28 days down. 81.5 miles. 

And now I'm fighting a pretty nice little respiratory infection. It started as a sore throat on Thanksgiving Day, which is my favorite holiday, SO THANKS FOR THAT UNIVERSE. Now I have a little congestion and stuffiness. I put in two miles today, and I doubt I will do much more than that tomorrow or Sunday. 

The worst day of the month was the day before Thanksgiving - temps in the low 40s, and it was pouring down rain. But I got through it. 

I'm debating continuing my streak through December, when I'll have a similar schedule that made it relatively easy to get through November. Runner's World is sponsoring a run streak starting on Thanksgiving Day and going through New Year's Day. 

I haven't lost any weight but there's no doubt I'm a bit leaner. I like that. I feel pretty good too. 

Now back to the abomination of the Virginia-Virginia Tech football game. 

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