Monday, December 22, 2014

My New Novel! THE IMMUNE!

And now for the big news about my new book, THE IMMUNE.

The novel, about a man looking for his daughter in the wake of a catastrophic global pandemic, is ready to roll out.

It's long, like Stephen-King-long, so I split the e-book version into 4 parts and gave each its own very cool cover.

Part I (Unraveling)Part II (Void), and Part III (Evergreen) are available now. 

Citadel, the fourth and final installment, is up for pre-order now.   

You can order the first three parts here for automatic delivery to your Kindle or Kindle app (download the free Kindle app to your phone or tablet and link it to your Amazon account.)

It's been a very long road for this book, and I'm very excited to finally send it into to the world.

Thanks to all of you for your support as I make my way through the publishing jungle. And please do feel free to share the link - I am not at all above begging.

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