Monday, August 14, 2017


I don't write this to change anyone's mind because, shit, we know that is not happening. I write it because I've felt sick to my stomach for days and Saturday's horrific white supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville, a place I love like few others on Earth, coupled with Trump's horrifically pathetic response (he might as well have patted his KKK and neo-Nazi buddies on the back, he might as well have put on a white hood), has pushed me over the edge and I don't know what else to do but put this into words. I am too angry and too heartbroken to hold back any longer. 

When I think about my own family - I look white, but I am the son of Lebanese immigrants. Full-on Lebanese immigrants, as Arabic as they come. There are many like me, people you claim to be friends with, that you work with, that you claim to respect, that you live alongside. But when you stand up for Trump, or when you claim that both sides were in the wrong, you stand against me and my parents and all my relatives and anyone with skin that isn't lily white. When you talk to me, Trump supporters, when you look me in the eye, I can no longer help but wonder what's really going in there. 

(Oh, and to my relatives who voted for Trump - really, LOL, in the words of the immortal Heather Chandler from the movie Heathers, did you have a brain tumor for breakfast? What the ever living fuck is wrong with you?) 

So let's stop bullshitting. The President of the United States is, among many other really awful things, a white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer. That's why his response to the terrorist attack was so weak. He may be the president of the United States, but he is anathema to the only thing that matters about the United States. It's really that simple. And if you support him, well, boy howdy, have I got some bad news for you, that's what you are. Let's put a knife in the chest of the idea that the Confederate flag stands for anything but racism. When white supremacists carry the flag next to one bearing a swastika, it sounds pretty ridiculous and yet HERE WE ARE. 

So when this is all over, assuming we live through it, nothing will define you in my eyes and the eyes of a majority of Americans more than where you stood on Donald Trump. 

And history is not going to be kind to many of you. Nor should it be. 

It won't matter how many kids you had, what your job was, how much you volunteered or where you went to church, whether we're related, whether grew up together, whether we broke bread together, whether we got drunk together. 

Your support of Trump, a Nazi sympathizer, is disgusting and reprehensible and tells me everything I will ever need to know about you.  

There is no a la carte option with Trump. You don't get to believe in the (nonsensical) fantasy that he will make America  great again but simultaneously disavow the KKK and Nazism. 

In for a penny, you are in for the whole goddamn racist and Nazi pound. 

Here's the thing. Deep down, you know you will lose. Not today and maybe not for a while (again assuming we live through it). But someday. Someday. Someday you will be an absolute disgrace to your descendants, nothing but an embarrassed whisper at Thanksgiving.

Part of me hopes that every day a different Trump voter, somewhere in America, wakes up and thinks, "GOD WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE?"

I've seen stories that the Democrats are asking for trouble by running solely on an anti-Trump platform. Why? Why is that? He is destroying us from the inside out. I would very happily support anyone who made destroying Trump's Presidency his or her sole platform. If my house was burning down, I wouldn't care about the candidate who promised to fix my cabinets.

I hope flying the flag of a pathetic and backwards "country" of traitors that got its ass kicked 150 years ago or buying into the idiotic and mind-blowingly stupid fantasy of a perfect white Christian America that has never even existed was worth it.

Lastly, go ahead and let me know if you're a Trump supporter - it will make my Christmas shopping easier.  

I'll just send you a white sheet.


  1. I second your emotions.
    The sad thing is that, as he once said, he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose his core supporters.

  2. I triul feel sorry for you. To call the president a racist and white supremacist is as far from the truth as possible. You totally ignore how much the violent left was responsible for the escalation.