Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Papadopoulos Redemption

For a while now, I've wondered if, when it comes to the Cheeto-skinned baboon testicle that some of you delusionally believe is going to make your life whiter I MEAN BETTER, I have gone off the deep end.

That I settled on a narrative about him long ago, and that was it. I'm no longer able to accept any information that is inconsistent with this entrenched notion of him. That I am ignoring the facts. The STOCK MARKET IS KILLING ISIS AND THE DEFICIT AT THE SAME TIME GRRRRRRR!!

Maybe he's just an extreme-right wing President and I need to suck it up and deal with it. Maybe the media and the Republicans and Democrats have made such a tangled mess of Russia and Ukraine and Putin and opposition research and this and that until it's just a giant pit of nonsensical slurry.

I think back to how crazy people on the right were about Obama. For eight goddamn years, they were in a state of total meltdown about him. MUSLIM SOCIALIST! ABANDONED WALMARTS CONVERED INTO GAS CHAMBERS FOR CHRISTIANS! FEMA BODY BAGS!


And it occurred to me that many on the right, including the nearly 80 percent of Republicans who still back him, look at me in the same way I once looked at them.



It turns out that we were right and they were wrong. And I know this because of this photograph.
This one simple campaign photograph.

By March 31, 2016, Trump was well on his way to securing the nomination. He was selling himself as THE guy on national security, the one with the plan to take care of all the other global threats the U.S. faces.

And this picture was supposed to reaffirm that image.  It literally says it on the photo. NATIONAL SECURITY MEETING. It's even above Trump's name so you KNOW it's an important thing. It is undisputed that Trump cares about appearance virtually above all else.
His power, his masculinity, his control – and this photo was a message to America that he had national security, and its twisty vines of immigration, ISIS, Syria, Iran, and North Korea, by the short-and-curlies.

There are 12 men at this meeting. One is the future Attorney General, and one is the future President. Not even Mike Flynn, who probably deserves the death penalty for treason, is in this photograph.

And there in the middle is George Papadopoulos. I remember when this guy got named to the team – largely because of how young and unqualified he was. Trump himself called him “an excellent guy.” The news cycle moved on, and he was forgotten for a good while.

But now that Papadopoulos is knee deep in the Russia investigation, possibly having even worn a wire, the White House is all “GEORGE? GEORGE WHO? CURIOUS GEORGE IS A MONKEY POPULAR WITH CHILDREN OR MAYBE YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT GEORGE FROM SEINFELD?”

And Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who always looks like she just found out her sorority sister is dating a black guy, stood in front of the press and told the world that George Papadopoulos is a low-level volunteer. A coffee boy. There is no unit of measure for the stupidity it would take to believe this White House on anything.

Because this photograph slams the door on that. Forever. There is no place to hide. This is how dishonest this President is. You can bet your life and the lives of all your loved ones on this one fact – Trump’s entire existence, his entire life, his entire presidency, is built on dishonesty and deception. On lies.

The news isn't fake. The news is so negative about Trump because he's so fucking horrific. The mistake we made was believing it was the media's job to present both sides of the story. This is false and terribly dangerous to democracy. The media's job is to report the facts, no matter how bad they make someone look.

I love this photo, because it forced Trump to double down on his lies in a way not seen yet. He is basically mocking his base, daring them to believe this lie. And it gets better - the Papadopolous story is growing by the day. 

But the truth is right there in your face. You cannot argue with it. You cannot claim any spin. But you will. You will continue to believe his lies. You will go deeper into the rabbit hole to explain away reality because you cannot turn back now (and rest assured, you will never be forgiven – ever).

The rest of us can look at this photo and feel vindicated.

There are no "two sides to the Trump story." There is fact. And there is the bullshit his supporters have elected to unhinge their jaws like a racist rattlesnake for and swallow.

I don’t know if the Trump resistance will win. If there’s one thing 2017 has shown us, it is the horrific shit crawling around underneath the rock that is America and there may be too much of it for us to overcome anytime soon.

But we will always have this photo.

And Trump supporters will have a load of shit shoved down their throats that they call dark – I MEAN WHITE – chocolate.

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