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Welcome to my little section of the Internet. I love to hear from readers and viewers.

You can email me at: dwkazzieATgmailDOT.com

By day, I am a lawyer. By night, I am a novelist who daydreams about being a novelist by day as well.

I am the author of two published novels, including The Immune, a four-part post-apocalyptic serial novel (2015), and The Jackpot (2011).

Part I of The Immune series hit No. 1 on the Post-Apocalyptic bestseller list in May 2015 and all four installments hit the Top 10 of that genre list. Part I also hit No. 33 on the Top 100 Kindle Bestseller list and also reached No. 1 on the Dystopian and Genetic Engineering Bestseller list.

The Jackpot spent nine days on Amazon's Top 100 Kindle Bestseller list in 2012, reaching No. 34 in the Kindle Store, No. 1 on the Legal Thriller Bestseller List, and No. 1 on the Movers & Shakers List.

I also am the author of a series of animated videos, including the So You Want to Go to Law School series and So You Want to Write a Novel. Collectively, my nine So You Want To... videos have amassed more than 2 million hits on YouTube since I published the original Law School video in October 2010.

I currently hold all North American and most foreign publishing rights to The Jackpot* and all publishing rights to The Immune.** If you are interested in securing the rights to my work, please contact:

Ann Rittenberg
Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc.
15 Maiden Lane
Suite 206
New York, NY 10038
(212) 684-6936

*Bulgarian language rights to THE JACKPOT sold to Bard Publishing in May 2014.
**THE IMMUNE Omnibus and individual series installments are exclusive to Amazon through 2015.