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Part I - Unraveling (Available Now)

This is the way the world ends. 

On a warm summer night at Yankee Stadium, a terrifying plot to bring humanity to the brink of extinction is set into motion. 

And as the deadly Medusa virus sweeps the globe unchecked, three survivors - an obstetrician haunted by the death of an expectant mother, a football star past his prime, and a soldier harboring a terrible secret about her own future - struggle to save what they hold most dear in a world crumbling around them. 

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Part II - Void (Available Now)

Civilization is but a memory, and this is the dismal world left behind. 

Spurred by the revelation that his daughter may have survived the Medusa plague, Dr. Adam Fisher treks across a ruined American landscape to find her. Along the way, he joins forces with Captain Sarah Wells, a soldier haunted by her immunity to the virus, and Freddie Briggs, a football star grieving the loss of his family. 

As they make their way across a dead continent, the challenges mount around them, including the terrifying prospect that the Medusa virus may not yet be done with the survivors.

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Part III - Evergreen (Available Now)

Nearly two months have passed since the Medusa virus wiped out much of the human race, leaving behind a handful of survivors to cobble together a new life in this strange new world. Adam, Sarah, and Freddie take refuge in Evergreen, a lonely town in Oklahoma that promises a better future for all of them. But as Adam acts on the thinnest of leads regarding his daughter's whereabouts, a new threat from within may prove their downfall. 

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Part IV - Citadel (Available Now)

Having lost everything, Adam and Sarah embark on a dangerous quest to find his daughter and rescue her from her mysterious captors. To save Rachel, they will venture deep into the heart of darkness, where they will come face to face with the shocking truth about the plague that destroyed humanity. 

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Currently available for Kindle

An Amazon Top 100 Bestseller (January 2012 - February 2012)
A No. 1 Legal Thriller on Amazon (January 2012 - February 2012)

It hasn't been a very good day for attorney Samantha Khouri. She's coming down with the flu, she's been passed over for partner at her law firm, and she's discovered that her parents' business is failing, thanks to an idiotic brother widely known as the world's dumbest terrorist. But when Samantha discovers that her boss is planning to steal their new client's gigantic winning lottery ticket, she realizes her day is just getting started.

After witnessing a violent confrontation that leaves the ticket in her hand, Samantha will risk everything to return it to its rightful owner. But Samantha's nothing-to-lose boss isn't the only one looking for it. A homicidal mercenary has been hired to track down the ticket at all costs, and he will stop at nothing to find it.

And as her pursuers close in, Samantha must resist the growing temptation to show up at lottery headquarters, smile for the camera, and walk away with the biggest lottery jackpot in American history.

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"It’s rich in characterization, suspense, and pacing that will leave your heart pounding, and I don’t mean that metaphorically. His plot and dialogue race along with the casual mastery of Richard Price (“Lush Life”), the complexity of David Baldacci’s best novels, and the moral imperative of James Lee Burke." -- White Cat Magazine

"David Kazzie is an exceptional writer, I was hooked from the first page and could not put it down." -- Kindle Book Review

"This is an extremely well written, captivating novel. Kazzie has a superb way with words and is able to keep the reader easily engulfed within this suspenseful tale of deceit and betrayal." -- A Book Vacation

"The fast-pace and rich details of this thriller combined with the entertaining and crisp dialogue of Jackpot make this novel and David Kazzie a new favorite." -- Lynnette's Book World